Saskatoon Royals Constitution

Saskatoon Royals Baseball Association Constitution

October 2022


1 Name
2 Affiliation
3 Philosophy and Objectives
4 Membership
5 Executive
6 Election of Officers
7 Executive - Duties, Expectations, and Responsibilities
8 Meetings
9 Finances
10 Conflict of Interest
11 Committees
12 Grievances
13 Release of Officials
14 Association Colours and Logo
15 Amendment or Repeal of the Constitution
16 Dissolution of Saskatoon Royals Female Baseball Association

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1 Name
The name of this association shall be the Saskatoon Royals Baseball Association.
2 Affiliation
a. This Association is affiliated with:
i. The Saskatoon Rally Cap Baseball Division
ii. The Saskatoon Mosquito Baseball Division
iii. The Saskatoon Pee Wee Baseball League
iv. The Saskatoon Bantam Baseball League
v. The Saskatoon Midget Baseball League
vi. The Saskatoon Senior Baseball League
vii. The Saskatoon Men’s League
viii. The Saskatoon Baseball Council Inc. (SBCI)
ix. The Saskatchewan Baseball Association (SBA)
x. Baseball Canada
3 Philosophy and Objectives
a. To promote and improve female baseball within the jurisdiction of SBCI
and the SBA.
b. To encourage enjoyment of the game through good sportsmanship and fair
c. To stress teamwork, fair play and skill development involved in the game
of baseball at all leagues and all players.
d. To enhance the development of effective and qualified coaching personnel
within the association.
e. To promote opportunities for elite baseball.
4. Membership
a. The membership year shall be from January 1st to December 31st.
b. All residents of the Saskatoon Royals Baseball Zone (as determined by
SBCI) age 18 and over and who are parents or legal guardians of one or
more properly registered player(s) in the current membership year or
immediately prior to membership year are members of the Royals
c. Each member shall have one vote in all Annual General Meetings or
special meetings.

5. Executive

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a. All members in good standing of the Saskatoon Royals Baseball
Association are eligible for nomination to an Executive position. In order
for a member to be in good standing they cannot have any fees
outstanding and must not have any Royals zone, SBCI, or SBA suspensions
in place at the time of nomination.
b. The Executive shall consist of the following members: President, Vice-
President, Secretary/Website Coordinator, Registrar, Treasurer,
Equipment Manager, Uniform and Apparel Coordinator, Clinic
Coordinator, Coordinators for each of the Junior and Senior Rally Cap,
Mosquito, Pee Wee, Bantam, as well as a maximum of 4 members at
c. Registration fees for 1 player will be waived for any Executive member
that meets the following criteria: I. Must complete 1 year of service II.
Attendance of at least 80% of meetings. For coordinators, this would
include both league and zone meetings.
d. All Executive members have an obligation to disclose any conflict of
interest, whether personal or professional, to the entire Executive once
the conflict is known to that member.
e. Resolutions may be passed by the Executive by electronic communication
where the Executive deems it more expedient to do so. All other aspects
of the constitution, bylaws, and regulations relating to Executive meetings
apply in a similar fashion to any full meetings conducted over electronic
communication. AGM’s and special meetings may not occur over
electronic communication. Executive members have one vote each in all
Executive meetings.
6. Election of Officers
a. The executive will seek nominations for each position.
b. The names of the candidates for the positions to be filled will be
presented at the Annual General Meeting.
c. All officers may stand for re-election.
d. The position of President will be filled for a two-year term at the Annual
Meeting on even-numbered years. After the inaugural appointment
persons wishing to be elected to this position must have served at least
one year on the Executive for Royals Baseball in the last 2 years.

Page | 4
e. It is recommended the member at large position(s) are held for one year
and the following year that person should take on another executive
f. The election of Executive members will be performed at the Annual
General Meeting.
g. In the event that there is only 1 person nominated for a position they will
be elected by acclamation.
h. In the event that 2 or more people are in contention for the same position,
they will be asked to remove themselves from the immediate area and a
secret ballot vote will take place and the person with the most votes shall
be entitled to serve on the Executive Committee.
i. If an executive position is not filled by election or if a vacancy occurs, the
position may be filled by appointment by the Executive.
j. The Executive shall consist of the following members: President, Vice-
President, Secretary/Website Coordinator, Registrar, Treasurer,
Equipment Manager, Uniform and Apparel Coordinator, Clinic
Coordinator, Coordinators for each of the Junior and Senior Rally Cap,
Mosquito(11U), Pee Wee(13U), Bantam(15U), as well as a maximum of 4
members at large.

7. Executive Members - Duties, Expectations, and Responsibilities
1. President
a. Shall be responsible for setting meeting dates.
b. Shall chair meetings in an orderly fashion.
c. Shall attend the Saskatoon Baseball Council (SBCI) meetings or name a
representative on his/her behalf from the Executive.
d. Shall, with the Treasurer and/or Vice-President, be a signing officer of the
e. Shall, with the Vice-President and the Coordinator of each league, serve on
the coaching selection committee

2. Vice President

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a. Shall assume presidential duties in the absence of the President.
b. Shall, with the President and the Coordinator of each league, serve on the
Coaching selection committee.
c. Shall, with the President and the Treasurer, be a signing officer of the
d. Shall serve as the Chair of the Discipline and Appeals Committee.
3. Treasurer
a. Shall present an up-to-date financial statement at each meeting.
b. Shall supervise all revenues and expenditures.
c. Shall, with the President and Vice-President, be a signing officer of the
4. Registrar
a. Shall be responsible for all registration details and activities.
b. Shall be responsible for all correspondence related to registration for the
Royals zone.
c. Shall notify schools, community associations, etc. of registration and other
d. Manage any electronic information that is made available to the membership
as a part of the registration and evaluation process.
5. Secretary/Website Coordinator
a. Shall record minutes of all meetings.
b. Shall safe keep the constitution, bylaws, regulations, and any coaches’ criminal
record checks, and coaching evaluations of the Association.
c. Shall file the appropriate documentation with legal and regulatory agencies
as required.
d. Shall manage the website and maintain policies and procedures on the website
content and the use of website by external parties.
e. Shall inform the Executive and general membership of meeting dates as
appropriate and make arrangements for the meeting space.

6. Equipment Manager
a. Shall be responsible for disbursing, collecting, and storing all equipment.

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b. Shall prepare a yearly estimated equipment budget.
c. Shall be responsible for all equipment purchases and authorization of
purchases under $500 as proposed in the annual budget. Those over $500
require Executive approval.
7. Clinic Coordinator
a. Shall establish a schedule, book the required facilities, set up and coordinate
in-door training sessions during the winter season.
b. Shall establish a schedule, book the required facilities, set up and coordinate
the indoor training sessions held each spring prior to the baseball season
c. Recruit appropriately trained instructors.
d. Support for zone coaches
8. Apparel and Uniform Coordinator
a. Shall ensure inventory of apparel is appropriate for periods of high turnover
b. b. Shall coordinate the purchase of the appropriate apparel as decided by
the Executive.
c. Shall coordinate the disbursement and collection of uniforms on an annual
d. Shall ensure that enough uniforms are on hand for the start of the year.
e. Shall recommend to the Executive any uniform changes in color, logo, etc.
and alert the Executive to the need to purchase more uniforms for an
upcoming season.
9. Coordinators for the different baseball leagues
a. Shall serve as a liaison between the leagues and the Executive.
b. Shall represent the Association at all respective league meetings.
c. Shall be responsible for facilitating the zone-approved evaluation process.
d. Shall be responsible, along with the Coaching Selection Committee) for
coordinating all team representatives and coaches. Coordinators of all
leagues cannot normally head coach at the AAA level without approval from
the Coaching Selection Committee and the Executive.
e. Shall be responsible for the collection of any police checks on all coaches and
Executives and to update them a minimum of every year.

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f. Shall be responsible for the coordination and delivery of the coaching
evaluations each year. Copies of coaching evaluations are to be kept with
the Secretary/Website Coordinator.
10. Members at large
a. Shall be a maximum of 4 members of large that will have equal voting rights
on the Executive.
b. Are responsible for assisting the other Executive members in decision
making, evaluations, organization, and any other capacity such as sub-
8. Meetings
a. The President will call 4 Executive meetings a year.
b. A quorum of 50% plus 1 member is required for a meeting, two of whom
must be from the group made up of the President, Vice President,
Secretary/Website Coordinator, the Registrar or the Treasurer. The
Commissioner shall only vote in the event of a tie. At all meetings, each
Executive member shall be entitled to one vote. No members shall vote by
c. Unless a ballot is demanded, voting at any meeting of the members shall
be by way of a show of hands.
d. All meetings of the membership and the Executive Committee meetings
will be governed by Roberts Rules of Order, Revised Edition.
e. The President will call the Annual General Meeting each fall and held no
later than October 31. The order of business at the Annual meeting is as
i. Minutes of the last annual meeting
ii. Business arising out of minutes
iii. Correspondence
iv. Reports of all executive members
v. Notices of motion
vi. Election of officers
vii. New Business

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vii. Adjournment

9. Finances
a. All funds earned by the Royals Baseball Association shall be credited to
the general account
b. All expenditures shall be covered by an invoice or receipt
c. Signing authority will be given to the President, Vice President and
Treasurer - two signatures will be required on every cheque
d. A financial statement will be presented at the Annual General Meeting
e. Refund Policy
a. 100% Refund before Evaluations
b. 50% Refund between Evaluations and Opening Day
c. 0% After Opening Day
d. Refunds for circumstances deemed beyond the control of the player
and/or parent by the Coordinator of said league may be granted with
Executive approval.

10. Conflict of Interest
Royals Executive members in a “conflict of interest” situation determined by the
Executive will abstain from voting on the issue and remove themselves from the
meeting room.

11. Committees
a. Discipline and Appeals Committee
i. Members shall be the Vice-President as Chair, the Coordinator of the said
league plus one other member of the Executive appointed by the Vice-
President. If any of these Executive positions is either involved in the issue or
have a conflict of interest with someone involved with the issue, they must
recuse themselves from the committee and make the Executive members
aware of this. The Executive will appoint, by nomination and vote, additional
positions to this committee as necessary.
ii. Shall deal with disciplinary matters and receive complaints from the

Page | 9
iii. Prior to taking or recommending disciplinary action, the Committee should
inform the Saskatoon Baseball Council of the action. The Committee will
have the discretion to levy any discipline measure against any member.
b. Coaching Selection Committee
The Head Coach for each team shall be selected by a committee comprised of
the President, the Vice-President and the Coordinator of the said league.
i. The coaching selection committee will consider formal coaching
qualifications and requirements, coaching experience, coaching evaluations
from prior years, and where the prospective coaches children place in
evaluations. Coaching assignments for various divisions/teams shall not be
made until after the players are placed on the various tiered teams. The
committee may also recommend at least one assistant coach who has
applied to coach. It will then be up to the head coach to select any remaining
assistant coaches.
ii. All head coaches require a criminal background check to be paid for by the
Association. Criminal record checks should be done annually. The criminal
record checks must be completed and turned in to a member of the Royals
executive before May 7 of each year. If a coach fails to adhere to these rules
then they will be removed from coaching the team.
iii. Coaches can only be removed from Royals teams with the approval of the

12. Grievances
a. Team officials, parents or players who find themselves in a conflict
situation should approach the team manager, if not resolved then the
b. Any complaints or protest that cannot be solved through this manner
should be reported in writing to the President or Vice President. The
President, Vice President and Coordinator will decide if the complaint
should be brought before a General Meeting, or referred to the Discipline
Committee or the Appeals Committee.

13. Release of Officials
All Executive members, coaches and team officials are responsible for carrying
out their assigned duties. Failure to do so may result in the official being released

Page | 10
from his/her elected or assigned position following a letter of warning. This
decision will be reached after due consideration by the Executive.
14. Association Colours and Logo
a. Jersey colours are black, pink, and white.
b. All teams must conform to combinations of zone colours for jackets, hoodies,
hats, pins, etc. unless permission to deviate has been granted by the Executive.
c. The Royals logo shall not be changed in anyway and must be used only to
represent Royals Female Baseball.
d. Any persons (player/team/coach) cannot use the Royals logo/name during
baseball off-season for the purpose of fundraising, without expressed written
consent of the Executive.
15. Amendment or Repeal of Constitution
Notice of motion to amend or repeal the constitution must be received at least
thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting at which time it is to be
voted on. Notice must be submitted, in writing, to the Royals Baseball
16. Dissolution of Saskatoon Royals Baseball Association
a. In the event of a dissolution of the Association, the Executive will be
responsible for determining and executing the necessitated procedures.
b. In the disbursement of any funds, the Executive will be guided by donations
to furtherance of minor baseball or other minor sporting activities.
17. Rules and Regulations
1.1 All coaches, assistant coaches and managers will be responsible for their own
conduct and the conduct of their teams both on and off the field with respect to
baseball games. The responsibility shall be to the Executive.

1.2 Where practical, in all divisions, coaches are to play every player in every game.
It is intended that this rule shall apply to all games played by all teams whether
those games are league games, exhibition games, or tournament games and
whether those games are played within Saskatoon or outside Saskatoon

Page | 11
1.3 The secretary shall enter the names of the selected coaches, assistant coaches
and managers in the minutes of that meeting.

1.4 Coaches, assistant coaches and managers duly appointed shall seek approval of
their Zone Coordinator in connection with any individual extraordinary team
expense funded by the Zone. (Example: long road trips where cost is a factor).

1.5 Competitive players on 'AA' teams must be available to play until third weekend
in August, ‘AA’ / ‘A’ teams until first weekend in August, other divisions until end
of June minimum and second week in July for those advancing to Provincial play.
The number of teams at each level will be as per the guidelines established by
the Saskatoon Baseball Council to ensure uniformity in all Leagues in the city.
The Saskatoon Baseball Council Inc. guidelines will form Appendix 'A' and be
attached to these rules and regulations.

1.6 Players will play in their respective age divisions. The Royals zone has been
granted permission by the Saskatoon Baseball Executive to play one year as an
overage with no exceptions allowed except if players are needed to move up an
age group to support the numbers to form a team (Example: age 14 and under as
of December 31 shall play 13U.)
1.7 Players will play in their respective age divisions. The Royals zone has been
granted permission by the Saskatoon Baseball Executive and by Baseball
Saskatchewan allowance to play one year in each age division as an overage. The
player will be given the option at registration to play as an overage or to follow
their respective age grouping. This option is available for players in U13 and
older. The executive reserves the right to move overage players up or down to
support the numbers to form a team and evaluation scores will be taken into
consideration. (Example: age 14 as of December 31 may choose to play 13U or
15U). If a U11 overage player wants to tryout for U13, they must finish in the top

Page | 12
7 of the U13 evaluations. If they do not finish in the top 7, they must return to
U11 for the season.

1.8 The evaluation of players for the purpose of tiering shall be done by contracted
third parties to ensure impartiality. A selection person or committee consisting
of one to three persons shall be appointed by the executive to help select the AA
/AA /A draft groupings based on evaluations. If team is 10 players - top 8 make
team, 11 players - top 8 make it, 12 players - top 9 make it, 13 players - top 10
make it). The head coach will pick remaining players from the top 16 when teams
of 11 are being made and from the top 18 when teams of 12 are being made.

If a potential coach has a child playing, he or she can only make the AA team if
they are ranked in the top 16 for 15U and top 18 for 13U and 11U.

Where mutually agreeable, other team composition may be altered to reflect
the wishes of parents, players and coaches at every age level but especially in
Jr./Sr. Rally Cap

1.9 For all non parent coaches, a parent must be given first consideration as
assistant coach and must be suitable to the Zone Coordinator. Teams who have
been appointed a non-parent coach are strongly encouraged by the zone to
subsidize hotel fees for 1 non-parent coach for up to 2 out of town tournaments
per season including Provincials and one more. The funds are to be provided out
of team fees and may require additional team fundraising.

1.10 All coaches must complete a prescribed application form and if requested,
provide a written resume or background information sheet.

Page | 13
1.11 Every coach must ensure that clean team uniforms and a complete equipment
bag as issued at start of season are returned within two weeks of his team's last
game to the uniform/equipment manager.

1.12 No equipment shall be purchased or repaired by coaches, coach's assistant, or
managers unless authorized by equipment manager.

1.13 To help facilitate the recruitment of new umpires and to help retain existing
umpires the Royal’s Baseball Zone will do the following:

a) Similar to coaches in the Royals’s zone, the zone will pay for any certification
that is required to be an umpire for players registered in the zone. This
includes new umpires and returning umpires. The umpire must provide
receipts at the end of the year and proof that at least 10 games have been
umpired during the season in question.

b) For new and returning umpires, the Royal’s zone will reimburse half baseball
registration fees in the zone upon proof of umpiring at least 10 games over
the course of the season.

c) This will carry through for the next year but the Royal’s executive reserves
the right to modify or change number of games required or amount of

d) All fees and costs must be paid up front by the umpire and at the end of the
season the umpire must provide receipts and proof that at least 10 games
have been umpired during the season in question. Upon proof of games
umpired (signed letter from umpires association will do) all costs incurred for certification plus
half of the Royal’s zone baseball registration fees will be reimbursed.

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